Back to Work!



I’ve been on vacation for a little over a week: 6 days on a cruise to Mexico and 3 days visiting family & friends in Louisiana. Needless to say, my daily routine is completely shot! Between the soothing rocking of the boat putting me to sleep at the most random times and the 24-hour pizza and ice cream stations, it’ll be difficult to mentally and physically prepare for my usual Monday. That’s why today’s (Sunday) routine is even more important than normal. Here’s what I’m doing to get ready for a busy week back in the office:

Head to the gym. The physical activity will help me rest easy but also get my blood flowing so that I’m more energized tomorrow morning.
Get next to godliness. That really just means ‘clean up’, because “cleanliness is next to godliness” (am I trying to hard to be clever?) Anywho, dishes, laundry, and other piles of clutter must go! Just in case I hit a mid-week slump, I won’t feel so guilty about crashing on the sofa after work.
Get back to my beauty basics. I’m sunburnt, I also have eczema so fun in the sun equals severe breakouts. Tonight I’ll be using my favorite coffee scrub, moisturizing with an additional splash of Vitamin E oil, and rolling my hair so that I don’t have to wake up any earlier.
Go grocery shopping. Lemons for my morning water and groceries for the week. Okay, groceries for at least the next few days; I’m sure I’ll be making another trip later in the week.
Get a glimpse. Peak at my calendar and build my to-do list of appointments, meetings, and assignments I have coming up this week so that I can ease in with a clear set of expectations. Nothing worse than returning to work with surprise deadlines.
Affirm and Envision. Being on such an amazing vacation was a nice reminder of how much and how often we should be enjoying life. A fresh affirmation and new mini vision board will be a great visual representation of the luxuries that life can afford you when you work hard.

Ego Commitment


A recent article from on the, “10 Unexpected Habits of Highly Successful People” caught my attention so I couldn’t help but dive into the list. And what do you know, the very first habit is in perfect alignment with my last post on “saying no”. Read below to find out more about what they call “ego commitment”.

#1 Habit of Highly Successful People: They Eliminate Every “Ego” Commitment

We all do things that have more to do with ego than results.

Maybe you serve on a committee because you like how it looks on your CV. Maybe you teach at a local college because you like the words “adjunct professor.” Or maybe, like me, you do radio interviews just because it seems cool to be on the radio, though it in no way benefits me professionally. (There are a few I would do no matter what just because I like the hosts.)

Anything you do solely for ego is a waste of time. Think about things you do mainly because they make you look important, smart, or cool. If it provides no other “value,” drop it.

Anything you do that serves the greater glory of you is a waste of time; besides, the best glory is reflected, not projected.

- Jeff Haden of Inc.


Saying ‘No’ When Enough Is Enough



For the last few years, I’ve been living by Maya Angleou and Nikki Giovani’s advice to always start with ‘yes’. I’ve heard both of these legendary women encourage young dreamers to address opportunity with a yes and to then do your best to meet the expectation. They went on to say that if you find that you can’t fulfill the request, simply say “sorry”. Unfortunately, I’ve been saying a whole bunch of yeses and doing my best to avoid ever having to say sorry. The “just say yes” strategy has led me to some great opportunities but it has all come with a cost, namely sacrificing the time and energy that I once used for other things. This blog is something that has suffered the brunt of this practice.

I love my blog. It has been my baby for almost 2 years now and I can’t wait to see what it grows into in the future. Sucsass has been and will hopefully continue to be the foundation for so many other things that I will go on to do. But for my regular readers, you’ll notice a drastic decrease in my posts lately. I made the dreadful mistake of letting myself get too…busy *dun, dun, duuuuun*! We live in a busy society where everyone glorifies the grinder and workaholic. Sure, pushing yourself to take on new challenges is great but your motives should always be questioned: are you saying yes to opportunities that are aligned with your ultimate goals or are you simply saying yes to keep up with this hustler’s mentality? And I realized recently that I had begun taking on tasks out of sheer obligation. None of these tasks threw me off track but they also didn’t propel me in the direction of my dreams, they were just prolonging my journey.

I’ve since taken some time to redefine my core values (a set of activities that I’ve turned into a workshop that I’ll be offering to others) and eliminated anything on my to-do list that didn’t honor these standards. Slowing down has felt a bit strange but I just keep reminding myself of one important truth: saying no isn’t a question of my ability, it is a testament to my humanity.Our health and happiness deserve just as much attention as our goals do.