Happy Me

Anyone that knows me can attest to my introvert habits. Most times I can’t hide my desire to sneak off for a solo movie date or hide out in a coffee shop for hours to read and write. But for the last several weeks, it feels like I haven’t done anything for or by myself. I have been on complete overdrive with non-stop socializing, visitors, traveling, etc. So much so, that I was starting to feel out of touch with myself. In addition to my new living situation, the semester has kicked off and my calendar is quickly filling up with student appointments and campus events to plan. I spend my entire day pouring into and empowering my students, sometimes leaving work feeling completely drained; and the weekends that I have off have been dedicated to family and friends. Without even realizing it I had begun neglecting myself. So the other night – in the midst of utter frustration – I decided to recommit to doing the things that I enjoy and doing so on a regular basis. This thought led me to creating the “Happy Me” list.

This list is a compilation of all the things that I’ve been putting off doing, that if done, would help me get back to a peaceful, happy place. My list includes things like getting a passport, heading to Starbucks on Saturday morning to draft my upcoming blog posts, closing my office door for the first 10-15 minutes of my workday, and buying/cooking mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms. I love, love, love mushrooms but… my boyfriend doesn’t. When I lived alone I’d cook with them at least once a week but I haven’t even purchased any in the last 3 months that we’ve been living together. I miss mushrooms! He doesn’t have to eat them, but that shouldn’t stop me from enjoying them. The same goes for everything else that belongs on a Happy Me list.

People may not understand why you’d rather drive alone but don’t deny yourself that personal time. Your friends may not want to hang out at the same places that you do, but that doesn’t mean you should stop going. Letting yourself spiral down that path of self-sacrifice for too long is what creates resentment whereas taking time to do the things you enjoy will keep you refreshed. So stop what you’re doing and start creating your Happy Me list! You’ll thank yourself later and so will the people around you.

Dear Diamond…

Dear Diamond

These last few months have been difficult for me. With all of my new transitions, I have started searching for something consistent to connect with. But this desire to avoid stirring up the pot by trying to fit in is only to my detriment. This post isn’t for everyone. Not because anyone is less worthy, but because not everyone has started to feel uncomfortable yet.

This is for the person who wants more than their current situation has to offer. This is for the person who’s getting tired of going through the motions. The person tired of laughing at the same jokes and hanging out at the same, old spots. This is for the person seeking substance. This is for the person that feels alone on their climb to the top. This is for the diamond trying to shine in a rhinestone world…

Dear Diamond,

Keep striving for excellence, even when everyone around you is settling for average. Remember that you were created for a divine purpose and destiny takes time. Keep your head up and continue moving forward.

Stand tall and do not shrink to make others feel comfortable. You are an eagle; stay away from chicken coops.

And don’t be afraid of your potential or feel discouraged when others complain about the brightness of your glow. The world needs your light. Because when you shine, you guide other diamonds to greatness.


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