Why You MUST Start Now

photo-4 copyThe other day one of my best friends mistakingly thought our 10-year high school reuion would be next year. Even though we actually have two more years, 8 years is still plenty enough time to have accomplished something meaningful. But as I approach another birthday, I reflect on what has gotten me to this point and I realize that.. it has taken me every single bit of those 8 years to get here.

I needed time for trial; I also needed time for error. Actually, I needed twice as much time for error. I needed time to plan and I needed even more time to execute. I needed time to take matters into my own hands, but it also took time for fate to run its course. There were days for thinking and days for doing; there were moments of clarity and periods of chaos. There were lessons that had to be learned, but I needed time to prepare for God’s tests. And there was no way I could have rushed any of it. What I am thankful for though, is that I was constantly taking steps. Even when I wasn’t sure which direction to go in, I took a step. Some of those steps led may have led me astray but even then, I was moving. In order to get anywhere, you have start somewhere. Anywhere. Because no matter where you want to end up, it’ll take time to get there. And the longer you wait to begin your journey, the longer it’ll take to reach your beautiful destination.

Time will pass. But as it’s passing, you might as well be taking some sort of step in the direction of your dreams. And while my story is nothing more than my story, what if you found out today that it would take you 8 more years to get to a happier place. Wouldn’t you want to get it started as soon as possible? Well what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and get going!

Event Recap: Platformit Branding Panel

photo-3 Friday night, I attended a panel discussion hosted by local organization, Platformit. This organization’s mission is to coordinate educational networking opportunities for young professionals and this particular event featured 4 Houston creatives. A bulk of the information was on branding as it relates to business, but I managed to squeeze in a question about balancing and/or overlapping one’s personal and professional selves. The beauty of branding and marketing is that its principles are still very relevant for personal use.  Thus, I analyzed every bit of information they shared based on how it could be used for career development and personal (not just business or product) branding. Here are a few highlights of that discussion and how I view their application to individual success: [Read more...]