Words of Wisdom Shared

The creator of the planner that I purchased recently hosted a webinar on how we could effectively use these amazing agendas. As she spoke, she shared words of wisdom that she has collected throughout her life. Below are the 3 quotes that I liked most, and beneath each one is my interpretation of their meanings. Enjoy!

  • “The gifts glorify the giver.”

It’s human nature to want to be recognized for what you do well. But most often, we seek recognition for the wrong things. The success of those we help should be more important than us being praised for helping them. Knowing that we’ve helped someone in need should be all the glory we desire.

  • “You act according to the way you see the world.”         

If you believe that the world is an inherently bad place, you will use that belief to justify why it is okay for you to do bad things. For example, if you think that you shouldn’t trust other people  then you are more likely to be the untrustworthy person, because you’ll feel justified in fighting fire with fire. On the flip side, if you see good in the world, you are more likely to do good more often.

  • “Where you invest your time, money, and energy is what you value most.”

I think it’s the combination of all three of these things that truly reflects our values. You might be thinking, “I spend time at work but I don’t really like or value my crumby job”. Well, the fact that you choose to show up to this crumby job day after day reflects how much you value providing for your family.  Additionally, the money you spend on social outings shows how much you value spending quality time with people you love. And the energy you spend in the gym reflects how much you value your health. If you aren’t proud of where you’ve been spending your time, money, or energy you have two choices: either change your values or change your investments.

Another way to look at this can be very motivating. Before you can succeed at anything, you have to make sure that you are devoting sufficient amounts of time, money, and energy to it. I love Sucsass and I put time and energy into writing and sharing information, but until I recently made the decision to invest money into it, I couldn’t wholeheartedly say that I valued the future of this blog. So give it a try: write down your biggest goal and determine if you’ve been giving it enough time, money, and energy!

Meeting Jonathan


I do my best to make every conversation count by trying to find the significance in everything that other people say to me. On my commute home from work today, that’s just what happened.

As I was driving, I was thinking about how long it has taken me to get to this point of having the Master’s degree of my choice, a full-time professional career, and in a stable living situation with my boyfriend. As I was thinking of how good it feels to finally be settled, I slowed to a red light where a man was standing and holding a sign that read, “Lost My Home”. I’m diligent about giving to others in need, so I immediately began digging through my purse. He noticed me looking and started to walk over to my car, just when I realized that I only had $2 in cash. I rolled down my window to hand it to him and said, “I’m sorry, this is all I have.” Without hesitation he replied, “God bless you; I just lost my home. It’s not about the money because I can’t take it with me to my grave. I’ll accept your prayers, too.”

His name is Jonathan and he reminded me that we are always in the position to help to others. Whether it be $2 or just a few kind words, never assume that someone is looking for more than you have to offer.

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