Assign Everyone A Purpose


Misery loves company but so does anger, jealousy, resentment, confusion, and fear. Make a promise to yourself to not participate in things or associate with people who don’t make you smarter, stronger, happier, healthier, or wealthier. Be intentional with all of your interactions and stop letting people occupy your space and time without a true person. Right now, think about all of the people who you chose to spend time with over the last week (mandatory meetings or conversations don’t count – only think of who you were around by choice). Now, assign a purpose to all of those people. Ask yourself, “What purpose does this person serve in my life? How do they make me better?” If they don’t serve a healthy purpose then ask yourself, “Why do I continue to interact with this person?” But be careful: ego can cloud your judgement during this process. If these people are only in your life to feed your ego (make you look good) or your purpose is feeding their ego (making them look good) get rid of them. Ego is born out of insecurity and like all of the other emotions above, insecurity also loves company.

Time is a major investment and we don’t have enough of it to waste. Every waking moment should be filled with love, laughter, and growth so do what produces more of these things. Improve the quality of your life by ditching those unfruitful relationships!

Corruption and Starting Over


As you may know, I’ve been writing a piece that I hope to have published alongside other scholars in a book about social media and women of color. Unfortunately, I haven’t been working as diligently or consistently as I know I could be so I used a portion of the recent holiday break to get ahead.

I usually work in bursts of energy so I have to let myself go with the flow when the urge comes along. One day during the break, I opened up a blank Word document and just started typing away. I loved the direction that I was going in so I titled that document using the word “FINAL” meaning that anything else I wrote would need to be added into that particular document to be submitted as my final draft. A couple of weeks went by, the break ended, and I returned to work. I got so caught up in planning for my students and the spring semester that I didn’t open up that “final” document for several days. Then, when I got that burst of energy again I immediately went to my laptop to begin recording my ideas. But low and behold, I couldn’t open the document. According to the dialogue box that kept popping up, the file – my final draft – was now corrupt and unable to be opened. In simpler terms, the final draft that I had begun working on is gone forever. After frantically downloading every recovery software I could find online, I cried and gave up. Even though I still have plenty of information written down and in other documents, I hated that all those pages of good ideas had been deleted. But I don’t believe in coincidences and I see everything as a sign. Maybe all of those good ideas weren’t great enough. Probably not because since having to start over, my chapter has taken a different direction that I’m much more excited about; and I would’ve never gotten to this point if I hadn’t been stopped dead in my tracks.

I know that this is a great opportunity that should be taken very seriously. It will require the type of dedication that makes you work on it little by little every day, not just in spurts. Losing that document made me realize that I have some serious work to do and maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated this opportunity as much if I hadn’t had all that work get deleted. Maybe I would’ve continued to procrastinate and ultimately submit a final piece that was less than excellent. Starting over sucks but nothing can light a fire under your butt like having everything stripped from you. And once that fire is lit, you’ll work harder than ever to make up for where you once were. This corrupt file made me realize that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to appreciate the beauty of the mountain top.

Daily Affirmation


You have things to do, places to be, and people to see. But God will keep you on the level that you are on until you’ve learned your lesson. If you haven’t learned, grown, or changed in some way, then you’re not ready to move on. And I get it – sometimes its hard to know what you’re even suppose to be learning. But when you use this affirmation, you’ll be reminded to keep your eyes and ears open for guidance on exactly what the lesson is.

So if you’re tired of where you are, you’re sick of being stuck in the mud, and you’re ready to move on, repeat after me: I am learning.